Sunday, 1 March 2009

It's all been happening in Barnsley this week!

Working with a senior management team, we introduced the value of creative (right brain) techniques and in particular "Cartoon Storyboarding". The group really went with it and produced two excellent sets of metaphors that would have made Walt Disney proud. They later decided to go on to develop one of them in particular. Like values, we can use these to gain a better understanding of what we want in our organisation as the first step to getting more of it!

It's amazing what happens when you give a group of people half and hour and ask them to use their intuition (rather then their logical minds).

Well done folks!

Just a thought: what limiting belief have you been holding on to which would be useful to change this week?

Examine your beliefs which may simply emerge as reasons ansd excuses as to why you cannot get what you want. Then just suppose the opposite were true and act "as if" you really had taken this on as a new empowering belief (just for this week!) and see what happens.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

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Last week I ran a 1 day event in Huntingdon on the subject of NLP, Beliefs and Values - it's amazing how much we covered in a day. It's great to see people surface their unconscious values - a great way to truely get what you really want. Afterall, unless you really know what you want (at both conscious and unconscious levels) how can you expect to be truely happy?

Thanks to everyone concerned for being so open and honest and may you long continue to benefit from the experience.

Just a thought: Treasure the present - it's a beautiful gift that you can only have once.

All the very best